Come learn power selling skills that grow to be second nature.

In session 2 of this 3 part Academy, we will cover the sales meeting, and will learn the seven stages of a sales call.  Each participant will work on how to use their own natural language at each step of the process, and to match the sales process to their own product/service and, most importantly, to their own personality.

If you missed the first session – don’t despair, you WILL benefit from attending the 2nd.

To recap the first session – we covered:
* What do you sell? to whom?
* What are the features, benefits and OVERT benefits of your product/service>
* Why should people buy your product/service?
*We introduced the 7 steps of the Client Builder sales process, and did some very informal practice role plays.

Session 2 will cover the steps you will take to make the sales meeting comfortable and to match your personality to the sales situation you are facing.

Do you sell in retail, B2B, do you sell a professional service or a high end product? Learn to sell everything from IT services, non profit mission, to widgets, clothing, or health and legal services. Learn to sell products as well as trade services (plumbing, building, maintenance, B2B and consumer, to name just a few). 

DATE, TIME AND PLACE: In partnership with the Androscoggin Chamber of Commerce, NEXT Level is presenting a three part sales training – open to the public. Our next (and second) session is Thursday, April 2 at 1PM – 3PM, at the Chamber at 415 Lisbon St., Lewiston. One session, $20.

Presenter: Kurk Lalemand, LPBC, NEXT Level Business Coaching. With more than forty years of business epxerience, Kurk has worked with thousands of people. Coach of the Year, 2008 & 2011.

See chamber announcement here.