You’ve hired a Business Coach – WHAT HAPPENS NEXT

Business Coach

We’ll start with a two step assessment. First, we will do an analysis of the financial end of your business and at the same time you will work with Kurk and or another NLBC BUSINESS coach doing an overall business effectiveness evaluation. We use this evaluation to customize our work together.

Next you will get a report that summarizes what we have found and our recommendations for how to move forward to make a stronger more prosperous business.

Next, we begin the critical work of planning and then executing the actions needed to get to the next level.

Phase three, the actual business coaching is a process where we meet weekly, and work systematically to clarify your issues and create a plan to move you and your business forward.

Our SIX KEYS  Business Development Model will help guide us to stay organized and on track to ensure, we build a solid structure for your business.

Six Steps to Success

NEXT Level Business Coaching Model

VISION WHY ARE WE DOING THIS SPECIFIC THING?1. Where have we come from?2. Where are we now?

3. Where will we be in seven years?

Recruit people with WHY.Focus people with WHERE.
PROFIT PLAN FINANCIAL ANALYSIS1. Financial Analysis resulting in anOwner’s (and investor’s) report with recommendations

2. Stakeholders recap and strategy session

3. Weekly Action Steps – BUSINESS COACHING

Get the owner focused on the numbers.Organize and focus the company on the game we are playing. (Happy productive people making widgets to make money).
Marketing & Sales Plan Product/service evaluation1. What do we sell?2. To whom?

3. For how much?

Current Marketing Effort Evaluation

1. Is it effective and affordable?

Current Sales Effort Evaluation

1. is it effective and affordable?

Get everyone focused on selling the product – everyone.
Operations Plan Organization plan by function 1. What do we need to do to get it done? 2. Who does what – how? Share the numbers! How many? How much? By when? For how much profit? At what cost?Ask everyone, “Are you proud of what you did today?”
Leadership Plan Growing into the new role1. What works? What doesn’t? 2. What do I need to do better? Rise to 30,000 feet.  Work to gain the respect and admiration of every employee, customer, and vendor! Buy and use your product.
Employee Plan Growing into the new company1. What does a high performance team produce? 2. What does a high performance team do?

3. How do I create a high support culture?

Create a high Challenge – High Support environment where people understand the role they play and the difference they make. Ask everyone, “Are you proud of what you did today?” Ask everyone, “What can the company do for you?”