Does your business own you?

Your business should be fulfilling and bring you the things you want in your life.  But for too many owners the business owns them.  Do you own your business or does it own you?

  • HINT:  if you’re working sixty hours per week – the business owns you.
  • HINT:  if you are afraid to leave on vacation – the business owns you.
  • HINT: the skills needed to produce your service are not those needed to run the business. The good news is if you can learn your profession … you can certainly learn how to run your business!
  • LAST HINT:  managing your time, building your team and controlling your cash are the activities that solidify your business, gain you real freedom and build a company … Now you own your business.

What is Next Level Business Coaching ? We’re not professional consultants. We own real businesses – we help real business owners. Our motto is “Straight forward business advice – simple, clear and direct!” See this website? It isn’t complicated.  A complex website filled with information you may or may not find impressive, is not our style.  All we want to do is talk to you if you find our approach interesting.  Only by TALKING with you will we both learn if coaching is right.  So let’s talk.  We’re easy to talk to and we won’t keep you long.