We’re not professional consultants

We own real businesses – we help real business owners.  Our motto is “Straight forward business advice – simple, clear and direct!”  See this website?  It isn’t fancy because we know that only THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE PROCESS REALLY MATTER.  By talking with you will we both learn if coaching is right for you.  Fancy pictures, a ton of “free content” and impressive graphics have little to do with actual business coaching.  So let’s talk. We’re easy to talk to and we won’t keep you long.

We don’t have the answers

Until we talk and you tell us where you are now and where you’re going, it would be silly for us to have preconceived ideas about what you should do to build your business.  You don’t want your physician treating you without a well thought out diagnosis – you don’t want to start fixing your business until you have a complete picture of what’s going on.  We don’t have any answers  – yet, but we do have questions! We’re betting that you have answers; about where you’ve been and where you want to go – if that’s so – we can help!

We’re not even that smart

We don’t have a genius in the bunch. But we know people. And we work hard!

We will not help you do good work

You’re already doing good work or you wouldn’t be reading this.  As coaches we will help you to do your best work. Consistently!

You are invited to see how we do it here.

If you are enthusiastic about your business. You’re doing well but could be doing better – call us. If you gotten this far – here’s my personal cell phone number: 207-754-2003. (Call before 6:00p EST please).