Simple, Clear, & Direct

First of all, there’s no magic wand – real sustainable change takes time.

The first thing we will do is talk – a lot. During our first meetings you will tell us everything you want us to know about your business. You’ll tell us where you are great and where you … frankly, where you suck.

Then every week, you and your coach will work on projects we design together to make your business function better.  It is this sharp focus on working ON YOUR BUSINESS and being supported by your coach, that makes coaching unique – and effective.

These projects and action steps will propel your business and your life forward – even if you have been stuck for a while!

Because LASTING change takes time, the coaching process often lasts a year or longer, with an average time of 9 to 18 months.

The reason that this process always works is relatively simple.  It combines the best knowledge of both personal effectiveness and business effectiveness.  Successful people have a lot in common.  Successful businesses have a lot in common.  Your coach is trained to help you combine and sustain these powerful business and leadership lessons.
We work by developing projects for improvement in the following areas, depending on the needs and desires of the business owner.  We select an area that needs improvement we create a project, we complete the project – we move on.

  1.  ADMINISTRATION – HUMAN RESOURCES AND LEADERSHIP – These are all the things you never dreamed about when you started your new business, such as paperwork, hiring and firing, information technologies, budgeting, employee motivation, price setting, vendor relations, just-in-time inventory, and payment of taxes.  But these are not the necessary evils many of us think they are.  Done well, these are the actions that make a small business a great business.
  2. CASH MANAGEMENT – we’ll help you learn to listen to what the numbers are telling you. If you are not as familiar with “the numbers” as you know you should be – not a problem. We will help you learn what you need to know in order to take control of your business.
  3. MARKETING AND SALES – We will work at getting more money in the front door because that is what business is all about.  Marketing is crucial for the health of a business.
  4. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES – When you started your business you could probably describe it in 25 words or less – can you do that today?  The right product mix is the backbone of a great firm!