But ….  three of our clients here at NEXT Level did do it!  E-Waste Recycling Solutions, Don’s Automotive AND Uncle Andy’s Digest all won Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce awards last night.  So we really didn’t do it, but they did! What a great tribute to the focused efforts each of these company owners have put into their businesses.

In one of the most highly regulated industries in America, E-Waste Recycling Solutions continues to provide recycling solutions to dozens of Maine communities year after year. AND this is a company with big plans – so stay tuned.  Link: ERS

Don’s Automotive provides safe family transportation in two ways.  First, they are a highly respected auto repair service focusing on the safety of your family’s vehicle and SECOND, they service dozens of school buses, making sure they are ready for the safe transportation of our children.  Find Don’s Automotive here.

Uncle Andy’s Digest, under the leadership of Jim Marston may not be the heart and soul of our community but it sure is the funny bone.  And truthfully – many would say it is at least a big part of the HEART of Androscoggin County!  With more than three million copies printed and distributed over the past decade, Uncle Andy’s reaches your friends and neighbors with a gentle touch of humor, a big dose of local happenings and simply a whole lot of FUN.  Find them here.

Posted by Kurk Lalemand