Business–to–business marketers invest more money on trade shows than any other marketing medium. This is because trade shows give greater access and have greater influence on buyers in ways that cannot be replicated in any other environment.

The Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) revealed the following about trade shows:

* 88% of attendees have not been seen by your sales staff in the last 12 months
* 7 out of 10 attendees plan to buy one or more products
* 76% asked for quotes and 26% signed purchase orders (average all shows)
* 72% of show visitors say the show influenced their buying decision
* 87% of attendees will share some of the information obtained at an exhibition
* 64% of attendees tell at least 6 other people about the event
* 58% attend only the show in which you are exhibiting
* 40% are first–time attendees
* It costs 22% less to contact a potential buyer at a show than it does through traditional field sales calls

While trade shows are worthwhile, they are not easy. To get the most out of trade shows, exhibitors need to establish and follow a plan of action, before, during and after the show.

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