We highly recommend this book for anyone who owns a business, and for anyone contemplating opening a business.

The book “The E-Myth: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It.” is Michael Gerber’s first book, which spawned a number of more specific books for Managers, Contractors, Accountants, Lawyers and others. However, the concepts addressed in the original book are applicable to ALL businesses in the $25,000 to $10 million annual revenue range.

Gerber says that the E-Myth (the entrepreneurial myth) is a “Fatal Assumption”, – the idea that if you understand the work of a business (say, housebuilding or dentistry), that you also understand a business that does that technical work. Two totally different concepts.

So, it is quite common that a very smart tradesman, wellness professional, beautician, or other expert can build a pretty good business by being the best and working hard. However, because building a business requires a set of skills that may have been unfamiliar to the owner, hard work and intelligence takes the business to a level of success – and then it becomes more difficult for many business owners to move to the next level(s) – because working more and harder will not be enough. This is the point at which many business owners become frustrated and overworked. It is the point where many owners begin to wonder why they are running so fast and working 70+ hours a week, when their intention was to build a business that served their needs – for freedom from bosses, to do high quality work their way, to spend more time with their families, and be paid decently. Who is in control here?

It is at this point in the lifecycle of a small business that “The E-Myth” book begins, following the trials and discoveries of a particular business owner who, with the help of a mentor/coach, learns and applies information about skills she will need to help her regain control over her business and her life.

If you are wondering why you feel “stuck” in your business, or can’t seem to move beyond a particular revenue, or production, or sales level, this book will influence and broaden your perspective.

If, like many business owners, you see yourself in this book and want to gain clarity about how to work on your business as well as in your business, contact Next Level for a free strategy session.