Acting as a sort of business confidant, Kurk Lalemand coaches Marc Kannegieser, of the Lewiston-based Sprinkler Systems, Inc., to better manage his business and staff. In turn, Kannegieser reaps the benefits of Lalemand’s effective methods in a more efficiently run company.

“I have a vision for my business and we are working to implement it,” Kannegieser, who is  President/Chief Estimator at Sprinkler Systems, explained. “Kurk is kind of like a business partner, without having ownership of the business.”

Never having worked with a business coach before, Kannegieser was given an excellent reference from a client, and decided to meet with Lalemand, of Next Level Business Coaching. Lalemand and Kannegieser discuss how Sprinkler Systems is operating, the responsibility distribution, and the power structure, as well as Kannegieser’s concerns.

“It kind of evolves,” Kannegieser said. “We start with one thing and before you know it, we get into a  mountain of issues. You need to be human enough to know you can do better in your business.”

Lalemand’s coaching has helped Kannegieser identify problems as well as solutions in his business operations, including staff adjustment. He appreciates Lalemand’s direct, down to earth approach to working with people.

“As a business owner you can shirk your duties if you so choose, so we address problems,” Kannegieser noted. “It’s really him holding me accountable to doing my job. He applies the right amount of pressure to make me aware of the right path.”

The true value Kannegieser sees in Lalemand are the ideas and broad concepts he offers that can be utilized in all businesses. He also finds Lalemand’s ability to listen well and understand the individual and their business a plus.

“Kurk is engaging, has a lot of experience to draw from and makes good points,” Kannegieser added. “He doesn’t settle for what I call the ‘regular excuses’ many people make. Kurk just does his job.”