When it comes to receiving personal executive advice, Bill Nason, of PM Company, relies on Next Level Business Coaching to guide him.

As President and Chief Executive Officer of PM, a construction company based in Saco, Me., Nason said that with Next Level’s help, he is able to refocus on things he already knows how to do well.

“We’re not like a lot of Kurk’s other clients. We are a well-established, successful, existing business, but sometimes, I just need someone to talk to,” he explained.

Next Level has also helped PM Company to refine their marketing plan. Kurk Lalemand, of Next Level Business Coaching, helped PM Company design a matrix to track who they are marketing to, and the results of those efforts.

“Kurk helps us to be more organized with that aspect of our business,” Nason said. “He’s also assisted us with presentation techniques, as far as selling to clients in face-to-face situations.”

Nason appreciates that Lalemand has owned his own business, and therefore has the experience necessary to coach others. “He is competent, enthusiastic and professional,” Nason said of Lalemand. “The major thing that Kurk helps us with is an effective way to position ourselves in sales presentations. He helps to manage how those sorts of meetings go.”

In addition to assessing just what is needed in various business situations, Nason said Lalemand is respectful of his time and expertise.

“I like that about him,” Nason added. “Kurk is probably the first consultant I’ve worked with where I feel I’m getting what I’m paying for.”