Kurk Lalemand, Coach

KURK LALEMAND is a Licensed Professional Business Coach and an experienced business owner. As a former executive board member of the Professional Business Coaches Alliance out of Syracuse, New York. He is connected to an international group of business coaches who collaborate on coaching tools, standards and continuous professional training. In 2008 and 2011, Kurk was selected as the “COACH OF THE YEAR” by the Professional Business Coaches Alliance – the only coach to be selected twice!

With over forty years as a business owner, Kurk opened his first business in 1972. He started his second company in 1977 and successfully exited twenty-five years later, selling the American portion of his firm. In 2006, instead of retiring, Kurk decided to open NEXT Level Business Coaching and use his experience to help other Maine business owners manage and grow their companies.

Since 2006 Kurk has worked with a little over 350 business owners in Maine and across America. While this may seem to be a very small number of owners in over ten years, it points to the fact that NEXT Level works with just a few owners at a time – shoulder to shoulder – to get the job done. Owners work intensively with Kurk and other coaches to establish a vision for their companies and to execute the plans needed to get where the owner wants to go. Client engagements range for three months to five years.

NLBC has worked with business owners in a wide variety of industries. Our niche seems to have evolved into working with the trades and other businesses where between 5 and fifty employees are hard at work building, repairing and servicing individuals as well as other businesses.

Kurk specializes in supporting, and when necessary, pushing owners and their management teams as they learn new skills, gain new perspectives and move through the changes needed to take their businesses to the next level – whether that be heading toward the $1,000,000 barrier or growing to $35,000,000!

Kurk has served as a member of the executive team for PBCA, served for 7 years of the Board of the L/A metro Chamber including one term as Board Chair, and served on the boards of Common Ties and Partners in Ending Hunger. As a business coach, Kurk now uses this experience to coach select non-profits (carrying up to 25% of NEXT Level’s annual case load on a pro bono basis).