Jaime Masters, Advisor and Coach

JAIME Masters is a speaker, author and business coach who got her start in business coaching with NEXT Level Business Coaching. In addition to continuing to coach remotely, she is a nationally recognized speaker who helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals. She is the founder of EventualMillionaire.com, a website that features a new millionaire interview each week focusing on entrepreneurship and personal finance. Find the site here.

Jaime is the author of the forthcoming book: “The Eventual Millionaire: How Anyone Can Be an Entrepreneur and Successfully Grow Their Startup,” Wiley; 1st edition (February 17, 2014).

Ever since she was little, Jaime wanted to be a millionaire. After finding herself $70,000 in debt and hating her job, she knew something had to change. Within 16 months, she paid off that $70,000 and quit her job. Now, Tardy is helping others to find freedom, money and work they love. She has been featured on CNN, MSN, Kiplinger’s, Fox Business and Yahoo!’s homepage.

Jaime is a trusted colleague and advisor to NEXT Level Business Coaching.